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  • today we have overcast skies and balmy temp with a trace of salt air on the prevailing Easterly. Lawn is cut groceries bought enough chores let the steak marinate and perhaps a film in the afternoon

    Greetings from North of the 49th

  • We're having a HEAT WAVE . . . (can't you just hear the song by Martha and the Vandellas?).

    90º yesterday, 93º today, over 100º expected tomorrow . . . TOO hot for me! :ohwell:

    Two weeks ago it was miserable heat, now we are having unseasonably cool weather (and frankly, I'm lovin' it). Overcast a large portion of the day, temps in the sixties, then the sun comes out late afternoon but doesn't get much warmer.

    A real weather roller coaster!

    Mrs. C :angel1:

  • Now Carl - You're going to have to count a lot of fingers and toes before that happens in South Texas this time of year!:laugh:
    Cheers - Jay:beer:

    Hi Jay, yep, I know. We got very lucky last year when we had rain through about half of Summer. It's now getting very expensive washing clothes at the complex laundrymats-which some of the machines never work and the others are always breaking down.:stunned:

    Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..

  • had some rain today colder now and for some of us its now winter :glare:

    reached the all time high of 19C today below the 20 mark so am now wearing jumpers getting too cold to go without

    cheers smokey

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  • WOW! Has it been over a month since anyone had any weather???? Well we've gotten quite a few much needed thunderstorms in the last couple of days. According to my rain gauge, about 3 much needed inches.

    Stay thirsty my friends.

  • We've definitely had weather. Some beautiful days, some scorchers, had a lightning storm blow through the state back on June 21st (it set off a BUNCH of fires around the state; one of the biggest ones in the state is still going, having been set off by lightning almost three weeks ago).

    This past week, the temperature crept up into the hundreds in many places around the state, making fighting of fires even harder. We hit the high nineties here, but thankfully the temp drops into the low sixties and even high fifties at night.

    Hazy sun (because of the smoke from so many fires) - it's been days since we've seen blue sky.

    Rain??? Rain??? What's that? You lucky dog, you!

    So that's the update from our part of the world :teeth_smile:.

    Mrs. C :angel1:

  • We had a period of about ten days with scattered showers and cooler temperatures but that is over now. Another high pressure gradient is settling in bringing in hotter weather and bright sun. At least the grass perked up!
    Cheers - Jay:beer:

    Cheers - Jay:beer:
    "Not hardly!!!"

  • It's been like an oven in north Texas for the past 2 or 3 weeks. Been longer than that since we've had any rain. Since my wife obsesses about the beauty of her yard (garden) she's naturally been watering it to death. Hate to see the amount of my next water bill.

    De gustibus non est disputandum

  • rain,rain and more rain today. i'm fed up with all this rain it's supposed to be summer now.
    its forecast sunshine for sunday so hopefully we will get some sun

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  • We had about the same amount of rains that Jay said. We too have a High-Pressure Area over us and were getting hot again but, not as humid as it had been----thankfully!!.

    Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..

  • Just a typical summer here in Alabama. Hot, Humid, and Haze. Not much this past week, but a great amount of the wet stuff last weekend. Hope to get some this week, but looks like a very hot and humid week to come. Not like last year though. We had one of the worse droughts then and are only about 5 inches below normal this year.

    Cheers :cool:


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  • We have been hot and humid as well. The only added plus is that we get rain on those days. Had a couple 90's recently but mostly in the 80's.

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    -John Wayne

  • Quote from The Ringo Kid 70182

    Still miserable hot and humid here. I sure hope it aint so humid in Houston.

    Carl - Your hopes may be dashed.:glare: My impression is that Houston is the most humid of the big cities in Texas. Try to stay in the air conditioning whenever you can when you get there.
    Cheers - Jay:beer:
    BTW - that may be why Cindyrella moved to Idaho!!:laugh:

    Cheers - Jay:beer:
    "Not hardly!!!"