How The West Was Won (1962)

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  • That would be great. I kinda agree with Stumpy on those lines, but I've seen them so long that I just figured it will always be there, and if this version does not eliminate it, then I won't bother to purchase it, mainly because Duke is in only a few minutes with Harry Morgan playing General Grant and General Sherman.

    Cheers :cool:


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  • Sure the duke's only in it for a few minutes, but I thought it was a pretty good film. But whether or not I buy the new version will depend entirely on the packaging. I am a sucker for a good lookin package. I love the ultimate version (or what ever it's called ) of the Searchers and Rio Bravo that I bought. If it looks like that, then I won't be able to help myself!

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  • i have never seen this picture but i have been wanting to for a while. i have read here that Duke is only in for a few minutes or so :glare: but is good, bad, too long, stupid what?

  • Duke accepted a cameo in this film as a courtesy to John Ford,
    and his involvement, was impersonating Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman.
    He worked for 6 days, and his screen time is about three and a half minutes.
    His role is little more than support, in a scene centered around actor George Peppard.

    That's correct, and if you follow the thread from, the
    top, there has been lots of discussion.

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  • . . . but is it good, bad, too long, stupid what?

    It is a pretty good movie, it is definitely a long movie. If you watch it to see John Wayne, you will be disappointed, because as you can see, his part is just a very few minutes in a long movie. However, as Westerns go, and an interesting story of family through generations and different aspects of history, it is worth watching. Getting to see Duke in it is like an added treat. If you like many of the older stars (see Keith's original post for a listing of the full cast), this is a cornucopia of them in one film.

    Chester :newyear:

  • I have the "original" release DVD. The story is actually a very good one as Chester has said. The only problem with the version that I have is that, due to the Cinerama filming and the use of 3 camera's there are distinct "lines" where the films have been "mated" together. Supposedly the new version coming out will have all that corrected. I would wait for that version.

    I know that I am going to be looking at the Blu Ray version as I just received a early birthday present this weekend, a Playstation 3 !!!!! Now I can watch Blu Ray high def movie's and play my favorite game, Guitar Hero, all on the big screen and in full surrond sound!!

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  • They have an ad for this in the newest issue of True West magazine. The movie will be released on Sept. 9th and it's been restored and remastered from the original Cinerama 3 panel release. There will be 2 disc Special Edition, a 3 disc Collectors Edition and, the Blue Ray two disc Collectors Edition. The collector edtions will have both the Cinerama versions and widescreen letterbox versions, along with collector books, photos, lobby cards and on one of the discs, the acclaimed Cinerama Adventure documentary.

  • How The West Was Won- Ultimate Collectors Edition

    Released Stateside September.
    This edition is loaded with memorabilia,

    20 page theatrical press book reproduction,
    10 behind the scenes photo cards
    10 postcards and an
    Exclusive Movie poster offer.

    The discs also feature:-

    Film historian commentary
    Dave Strohmaiers crtitcally acclaimed, feature length documentary,
    The Making Of How The West Was Won
    Original Theatrical Trailer

    also available as a three disc special edition
    and a two disc edition.

    With modern technology the lines seperating the three cameras,
    have been removed, almost!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • I just looked at the Blu-Ray version at Best Buy. Its $30, so I will save a few more pennies before I go get it. Looks much better then my old version of the film.

    Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
    -John Wayne

  • I got my copy 5 or 6 days ago (though I haven't watched it yet.) It was always one of my favorite Westerns but those two vertical lines in the first release just bugged the heck out of me.

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  • They did a really nice job on cleaning up the movie with this lastest release. I have the Blu-Ray version and the audio is superb. There is really cool thing they did with the Blu-Ray version. They have a 2nd version of the film in the style of the cinerama process. It is pretty cool as it gives you that "wrap around" feeling.

    Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
    -John Wayne

  • I like this movie very much and was so happy about the good quality of the DVD release. Unfortunately Duke has only a cameo role. Most of the segments were directed by Henry Hathaway (next to John Ford and George Marshall). He is a good director but I wished some other Directors (maybe Anthony Mann, John Sturges ...) were involved in that project too.

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  • When you think about this movie and what it represented in our culture of the west, this was a remarkable movie. You have great stars like James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Karl Malden, Richard Widmark, Gregory Peck, Eli Wallack, Carroll Baker, Debbie Reynolds, George Peppard, Walter Brennan, Henry Morgan, John Wayne, and more.

    They made a western that center around a family and how they made it through the untamed west. The part that gave me a sense of pride is no matter what the bad is, the good always prevails. This is what makes our country great today. We learn from the bad, and the good. Things do happen for a reason, and we accept it.

    Those before us carved this country into what it is today, and we must thank those like our ancestors for making this into the country it is. Many have died for this freedom. These actors, most of them no longer with us also contributed to the heritage of this country as well.

    Seeing this movie again today, helps me to realize that we have more to do today, and we should never let those who made so many sacrifices in their day down. Thanks to many who did give to us and may we never let them down.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo


    "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"

    - John Wayne quote

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