John Wayne Photo Bonanza

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  • Wow, did we happen upon the mother lode of photos of the Duke!

    Go to MPTV Image Vault - Log-in. and be ready to spend some time looking at tons of pictures of the Duke (over 1200 of them!!).

    :gora::gora: :gora: :gora: :gora:


    (Unfortunately, since we first posted this information, the site has since found it necessary to put a logo across each photo :( , presumably to prevent unauthorized use of the pictures).

    Chester :cowboy: and the Mrs. :rolleyes:

  • oh chester

    how could you, now my key board is all wet with the drool love the photos have wiped my chin and mopped up the mess :D

    cheers smokey

    " its not all black and white, but different shades of grey"

  • Thanks, Chester! I'm with Smokey on this one. :wub: I've been gathering some DVD captures I'd like to share with you guys at some point too.

  • Looks like Chester hit the mother load. Getting photos of Duke in his films has always been easy. What I like about the site he found is that there are alot of personal photos as well. Many I have never seen befor. Many thanks, Chester, for sharing this with us. Dukefan1

    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • Looks like a cut scene to me but who knows?

    Ha! Funny to see a big guy like Duke trying to fit into a trunk. His knees are practically up to his chin.

  • Great site to bad they have there logo on all the pics I would have liked to print some of the odd ones for my bar. :(
    I have been looking for uncirculated John Wayne pics for years! :stunned:


  • Quote

    Originally posted by JOHNWAYNEABE@Oct 9 2004, 01:44 AM
    . . . too bad they have their logo on all the pics . . . . I would have liked to print some of the odd ones for my bar.


    That is an unfortunate revelation. When we first discovered that site, the lawyers hadn't caught up with them yet, I guess :headbonk: . Apparently, you can register and request the possibility of using the photos (you gotta read all the fine print! :blink: ), but I suspect that might have a monetary value associated with it :P .

    So much for the fast and carefree days of the early Internet!

    Chester :newyear:

  • We've had quite a few new members since this thread was last near the top of the board, so thought we'd bring it back.

    While we can't use these photos without paying some kind of a fee, it does give you an idea what's available out there. The MPTV logo across each photo is kind of a pain, but there are some pretty neat pictures of the Duke, and the logo is somewhat faint (but definitely there, nonetheless).

    Chester :newyear:

  • Chester and the Mrs,

    Thanks for bringing this thread back, There are great photos on the site. We pilgrims would have missed out on seeing them.

    Thanks again.



    I'll try one of those black beers....THE QUIET MAN.