General age of the fans who love Duke

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  • What age range do you fit into ? 114

    1. 20 and Under (10) 9%
    2. 21 to 30 (15) 13%
    3. 31 to 40 (23) 20%
    4. 41 to 50 (21) 18%
    5. 51 to 60 (32) 28%
    6. 61 to 70 (9) 8%
    7. 71 to 80 (4) 4%
    8. 81 to 90 (0) 0%
    9. 91 or older (0) 0%

    You know, I am surprised to find some younger people on this and other boards who are great fans of Dukes. Some who were born after he died and still became fans. So this poll is just to see how wide a variety of ages (without having to give up the details) we have on this board. Might be interesting to see how many youngin's or senior fans are out there. (if I did this poll right, it's my first.) Let's see! dukefan1

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  • baron

    we women like the dukes films as he knows how to treat a lady and when he was younger he had lots of sex appeal :D

    cheers smokey

    " its not all black and white, but different shades of grey"

  • My dad is a big John Wayne fan, he's the one that got me started watching the movies. I've been watching (and loveing) them for as long as I can remember.

    I remember when I was younger, thinking that my uncle was just like John Wayne. He was tall and almost built like the Duke. My uncle also lives on and runs a horse farm, so he's a cowboy like John. (my faves were always his Westerns)


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  • I am 23, and started appreciating John Wayne and his films about 5 years ago. My mom and my uncle are fans, but I didn't really know this until after I became a fan myself. Cable tv is probably what got me going on Duke's movies.

    As for why I became a fan, I am not sure that I could pinpoint the reason. I am kind of old fashioned in some of my thinking, and I enjoy a lot of older movies, but that would only explain some of why I would be drawn to John Wayne. I think there was just a certain "something" about him that makes me want to watch his movies, even the not so good ones, and want to know more and more about him.

  • John Wayne was the most nicest man I ever known as a child and the way he looked down at me on set and said "Son I see you are my cousin and picked me up and said someday you will be a actor and be like me and then puts me back down to continue his lines". I remeber him with eyes that could scare ya and the way he talked :unsure: . I loved his movies as a kid and was glued to the tv set when I wasnt there and said to myself god he is good. The way he treated the ladys with respect :D . I was crushed when I found out right away when my cousin John Wayne was dying of cancer :( . I felt like part of me was falling and had to become something like Mr Wayne. But still yet today I only get small parts in some plays and hope to follow my dreams like John Wayne :lol: God bless you John Wayne and I remember the words you said to me and you bet ya I will follow what you said.

  • Howdy,

    I have been a John Wayne for as long as I can remember! When other girls had posters of guys like Shawn Cassody etc., I had posters of John Wayne on my walls!

    I just recieved my 5th kidney transplant, and during all of my hard times that I had, during that time of my life when things got really bad, I would think of what John Wayne was and had gone through with his health. I love his movies, because he is such a stong person and never lets anything get him down! I am sure if I would have known him, he would have been the same way. He has always been strength for me and that is what I love about him the most!

    I have always thought he was the greatest, and not bad to look at either, even when he was older!

    Stacy :D

  • We live in an era where Clint Eastwoods fan support is dwindling and most of his fans seem to be around his age as well whereas John Wayne is getting more and more popular atracting fans of all ages and genders the reason why just watch one of his movies.

    Kanu Reeves, Di Caprio, Will Smith etc etc all nobodies who will soon be forgotten.



  • Amazing that so many Duke fans are younger (so far according to the vote) to not know him before he died. I just graduated from high school when Duke took to the final sunset so many years ago, and the same one we all will someday take ourselves. I was crushed by his death, and didn't realize at the time that he was 72 (he had a full life).

    I guess without the internet (or even a home computer), as well as cable (yes, I know there was cable back then, but with very little stations around the country), or the information age, we didn't get as much news as we do today, so fast. Especially Duke being so sick. I do recall that we (my friends) were pulling for Duke to make his birthday, and also knew that Maureen O'Hara, Elizabeth Taylor and others were trying to get the U.S. Congress to pass a resolution to mark John Wayne a true American. The Congress passed the resolution and he received it in the hospital. Duke's comments were that he was truly honored to receive such a gift from the American people (not a direct quote). He died days later. I was 18 at the time and became an authentic Duke fan since.

    I will say that he has made an impact in my life with his movies, and personal life. I am amazed that he is still very popular today; no, I take that back, I am not surprise that he is. He is what makes America great, and he does that with his movies and his actions. Duke is a role model to all; young and old; men, and women; boys and girls. Even if you are not a fan, you can't help know that Duke was a very authentic man. I'm not surprise that there are people around the world who also liked Duke. He paints a true picture of what America is.

    It's our job (us Americans) to continue what Duke left behind. We are to continue to show everyone around the world what America is and what we stand for. Thanks Duke for your legacy.

    Hondo B)

    P.S. Hey Bill, Wish you could have a legacy like that?


    "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"

    - John Wayne quote

  • Well you all have to remember that not many *older* people use the internet, to this day it is still a haven for the young.
    I myself am 21, born after the Duke left, but I'd have to say if I could have a drink with any man in history, it would be him.

  • Magevro

    Your right about one thing more younger people will be on the web than older people but I feel that this is inconclusive when dealing with the age groups of people who like the Duke. I have found out that people from all ages like him, his films are loved by nearly everyone I know theres not a single other actor from any era who can command such a large number of fans especially 24 years after their death.



  • Well, since there is only one vote per user name, I can only register my own age (55), but in my household, my wife falls into the 41 to 50 range and my youngest son is below the range, at age seven (our family is much larger, but the three of us are the bona fide John Wayne fans). We didn't necessarily want to add more user names just to vote, so thought we'd add to the statistics through a post.


  • hi,

    just thought that i should add my son to your list of fans of dukes but he falls outside your list at being only 6 my dad likes dukes movies but he don't live with me and he is 63, we have a joint collection and when he kicks the bucket (dies) all the collection come to me and the little bloke

    cheers smokey

    " its not all black and white, but different shades of grey"

  • After reading these post and finding this sight I guess their is no age group. I'm 45 and impressed with the younger crowd.

    Tulalip Wa

  • Hello :rolleyes:
    I think I must of been around six or seven years old :unsure: I remember watching the "War Wagon" with my father :P

    Monique :chickawow:

  • Well, my wife is a few years older than me (she's in the next age group :D ) but she's a huge John Wayne fan too. Must be one of the reasons we get along so well. My son who is now 12 is just getting introduced to Duke through a few of the movies we have, and my 4 year old daughter likes the movies 'cause of the horsies. Run in the blood. First Wayne movie I saw when I was about 10 or so was Rio Lobo on the late show. Saw The Shootist in the theater with my mom. cried at that one.

    My folks are Wayne fans too, but they grew up in the Roy Rogers era. Matter of fact, they just got back from the Roy Rogers Museum down on Branson. Can't wait to see the pics mom got.

  • I became a JW fan because my mom is a JW fan. We quiz each other with lines from his movies and see if the other can name what JW movie it is.

    Does anyone play the movie line game here?

    long live the west and the man who made it great


  • Quote

    Originally posted by dukefan1@May 26 2003, 11:44 PM
    You know, I am surprised to find some younger people on this and other boards who are great fans of Dukes. Some who were born after he died and still became fans. So this poll is just to see how wide a variety of ages (without having to give up the details) we have on this board. Might be interesting to see how many youngin's or senior fans are out there. (if I did this poll right, it's my first.) Let's see! dukefan1

    I'm a new registrant on the board, though a Wayne fan of some fifty years standing. I revered the Duke - though he wasn't aware of it, I "adopted" him as the father I never had (my parents were divorced when I was four or five years old) because his screen persona represented everything a boy wants a father to be, i.e., strength, dignity, courage and integrity.

    As everyone knows, Big John was also very patriotic and that too is a trait to be admired.

    I remember standing in a box office line to see the film "True Grit" (one of my favorite films of all time). I was amazed and rather amused to see that standing in that line with me were not only gray-headed oldsters (John's "base" fans), but also long-haired hippies, kids of all ages and everthing in between. The Duke's appeal was timeless; he appealed to everybody.

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