Big Jake (1971)

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    • Re: Big Jake (1971)


      Thanks for straightening me out on the Devries. Maybe Billy left the bandits because he was too embarrassed that his brother was taken out by Bobby Vinton.

      Seriously, I wonder if maybe the answer to all this, is both the Devries were killed at the McCandles ranch, and they cut the scene of Billy Devries getting taken out. That would explain why only seven were shown riding away. I don't recall ever seeing Devries the rest of the movie.

      "...all of this and General Price that baby sister makes it back to Yell county" --Rooster Cogburn, True Grit.
    • Re: Big Jake (1971)

      This is/was also one of my very least liked John Wayne films, but that is only really due to the fact that the Dog is killed. Anytime a movie has a dog murdered I hate it. Anyhoo my one useless comment is that this film reminds of Spaghetti westerns... and that I call American Spaghetti...
    • Re: Big Jake (1971)

      Yes if I was a dog I would reconsider my contract working with John Wayne.

      Between Hondo Big Jake & The Searchers they dont have a much luck living to the last reel

      Always wondered was it related to the dog in Hondo who was apparently one of the many Lassie's

      Anyway ,Big Jake despite it uneveness is not a bad movie. Not a classic but an improvement on other like Train Robbers and The Undefeated.

    • Re: Big Jake (1971)

      Yes poor Gregg is like Lassie he doesnt make good odds of making it to the last reel either.

      He was shot in Commancheros Bouvier (opponent in duel) uncredited.

      Gregg survived in The Undefeated as the horse agent but died in Rio Lobo shot in the stomach throwing his dynamite, shot by Billy the Kid in Chisum and again by Duke in Big Jake.

      I notice he is listed as being in The Shootist but cant remember seeing him and also featured in the True Grit TV movie with Warren Oates

    • Re: Big Jake (1971)

      Thanks Dakota

      My mind has gone to goo!!!:stunned: Of Course. He is in The Mc Kenzie Break with Brian Keith and if you dont look for him you would never identify him.

      So out of six outings 5 deaths and 1 survival mind you I think he gets hit in The Undefeated.

      Ask him, if he would preferred a role in a John Wayne movie that survived at the end!

    • Re: Big Jake (1971)

      I have got to admit, this is one of my top ten favorite Duke movies. I just enjoy this one, despite the flaws; Some weak acting from a supporting actor or two, some bad editing (for example one of the outlaws disappears - did he get shot? did he run away? Who knows!) and of course the dog getting killed! But in the 70's he made two really good serious classics ("The Cowboys" and "The Shootist"), and this is one of those from that decade, I call the fun classics. (I like all of his westerns from that decade. The cop movies- not so much- I have to watch those again.) Out of the fun westerns, this is my favorite. Just a "sit back, relax, have a beer or two and watch the Duke and Co. kick some badguy butt movie!" You can't beat that.
    • Re: Big Jake (1971)

      I talked to gregg palmer out at winterset. he stated he gets more flak for killing that dog than anything he's ever done. also said that when the dog attacked him in the courtyard scene it scared the you know what out of him.i found him to be a very courteous and accommodating man.:cowboy:
      ''baby sister i was born game and intend to go out that way.''