Hellfighters (1969)

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  • I've seen this movie several times. I admit I liked it when I was younger just because John Wayne was in it. However, every time I have seen it in the past few years, I just don't enjoy it like i useed to. I will not say I do not like this film but, if i had it to choose buying between a better title, well; it would lose.

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  • I like this movie. I like Hutton in it and was pleased to see him teamed up with John Wayne again. The BBC are currently repeating Hutton's TV series Ellery Queen by the way. The action scenes were well shot and I thought the atmosphere in the movie was pleasant.

  • I'm about to work on the German DVD for HELLFIGHTERS.

    I'll include
    - the 1969 featurette
    - German theatrical trailer
    - Galleries with German, US, UK Promo-material, behind the scenes stills
    - Booklet (German writing)

    Of course the film will be in its Panavision ratio and will have the english soundtrack as well.
    So far the only DVD release worldwide with some supplements I guess...

  • Watched Hellfighters on Thursday. Must have been in good mood as it wasnt as bad as I remembered it the last time. It could have been much better but it did have some good moments and scenes.


  • I hope you will keep us updated on this work. Our European members especially look forward to the release, I'm sure.

    Chester :newyear:

  • Hi Juniormike,
    you are certainly doing a great job. But it is not the first release of this movie in Europe. It was released already by Universal in UK. But there was no features on the disk. May be only trailer - I must check out, I have it.

  • If memory serves me correctly I think this may have been the 1st JW movie I watched!

    Great action scenes, but storyline a tad weak

  • One thing I like about this film, being an Okie, is the oil related theme. Duke did others as well like War of the Wildcats but this was the only modern one. My dad used to work in the petrolium industry so when this film first came out, I could relate to the scenes of the Christmas trees, etc. Dad was able to add a lot of background info concerning what the firefighters were doing and why. Red Adair, on whom the story is based, was a heck of a guy. Talk about grit now. He had it.


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  • I spent a summer working in the Alberta Leduc Oil field and I recall that sometimes things happen really fast. With underground shifts incredible pressure can make for scarey conditions above. keeping your head and getting the job done takes a lot of sand and I think that Mr Adair deserves his legend status. As a tribute film I think it was ok, yet there were scenes that could have been better IMO.

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  • its been a while since anyone spoke in here so i hope i can start it back up :)
    IMO i loved this film, maybe because it had duke in it but i thought it was great. i was taped on my tv and i have watched it twice now, and i have to say i love Jim Hutton. he as got to be one of the hottest man Ive seen in a duke movie... besides duke. but i like kathrine ross in this too.

  • Duke's Duchess,

    Any time you watch a Duke movie, you should definitely feel free to post in the dedicated thread with your thoughts on the movie! That's a great way to bring a thread back to the top.

    Mrs. C concurs with your thoughts on Jim Hutton - she has always enjoyed him as well. As to the movie Hellfighters, it's not one I watch too often, but maybe it's time to 'dust it off' and watch it again.

    Chester :newyear:

  • I know this movie has seen alot of critism from others, and personally I have liked every movie the Duke was in. Some I liked better than others maybe, but then the next day i like the one i liked not as well the before i like better and vice versa. I thought hellfighters had a very good story and i felt it was very educational in a broad general way of the oil well fires and there risks and dangers as well as what can be done about them.

  • well thank ya Chester7777 and i do like posting about movies i have just watched and im glad i could get this tread started again :teeth_smile:

  • Does anyone know where the office location was in Houston where they shot the film? I was also wondering which airport in Houston they filmed.

    I was in Houston last week and it got me to wondering.


    "I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the hell they please."

  • Bill,

    It looked like Hobby to me too. I'm really curious about the office location as the elevated highway seems very distinctive. Any ideas anyone?


    "I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the hell they please."