Circus World (1964)

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  • This was originally posted back in December 2006 on the HTF.

    According to a post on DVD Times Forum, Movies Unlimited say that Weinstein have acquired the rights to the Samuel Bronston epics Fall Of The Roman Empire, El Cid, 55 Days At Peking and Circus World and plan a mid-2007 DVD release.

    So far, Fall of the Roman Empire and El Cid have gotten the deluxe treatment. 55 Days and Circus World should be completed by the end of this year, or early next.

    I've noticed that falc04 hasn't been here since November, but I was wondering if any word is out on the release date of this movie. I haven't seen anything yet and according to the post above, this movie was suppose to be released last 2008 or early 2009. So is there anything on this from anyone?

    Cheers :cool: Hondo


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  • i recorded this film off tv and watched it last night and, in the main, really enjoyed it. To be honest, i wasnt comfortable with watching the circus animals perform but i have never been that comfortable with circuses anyway. that aside, i thought it was a nice story with a happy ending and will definitely watch it again

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  • I have seen more tedious movies but it is a contender. You would watch it once and then put it away for about 10 years.


    After about 10 years since I last watched it myself, I decided to watch this film again. I didn't care for it the first time I viewed it. And I am afraid that time hasn't changed that opinion. It is still a rather bad film. It's only redeeming quality is some of the Circus acts and Duke.

    So, I'll give it another 10 years and try it again. Maybe old age and wisdom will change my feeling by then. :wink_smile:


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  • A good JW movie, with plenty of action. The capzizing of the boat is a great scene, and Duke riding the stagecoach brought back memories.

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  • I have Circusworld recorded from TV on DVD and to be honest despite some obvious print wear I wouldnt be in a rush to buy a proper DVD of it unless it was very reasonably priced and was a cleaned up or enhanced print.

  • I bought this because it had the "Duke" in it. My impressions are that I should not have bothered as it was full of mish mash and utterley bizarre. One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

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  • It has been issued on DVD but it is a Korean or Chineese copy. I've got the Chineese and it is ok. The picture is fine but the soundtrack is so so. I've been thinking about the Korean issue but.......

  • Yes I have it on DVD, got it last Christmas. Everybody says it is a bad movie, I have to say it is not John Waynes best movie, but it isn't bad! How could it be with the Duke in it! HA

  • I have it on DVD and Agree with Stacy if JW is in it then its not a bad film!!

    Rather watch Circus world over and over than other so called Blockbusters.

    All a matter of traste I suppose and of course who your favourite Actors are.

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  • I just watched Circus World for the first time. Although it was not visually one of Duke's best movies, not his fault, of course; it was still my Duke, with his cute protective, and tender hearted self...I love him soooo much.

    I thought the story line was good, too, in my opinion...

  • it would show up on tv here and there in the 1970s,i didnt like it as much as others the fire scene i remembered reading it almost killed him.

  • It was called The Magnificent Showman here in europe.It also had John Wayne twirl the winchester from the top of a stagecoach,long before True Grit.