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  • Since the membership is growing, I'd like to make a suggestion.
    Sometimes it's hard for me to remember with which member I've talked about something, they all have names like John Wayne! So I get confused with all them Hondos, Chances, et cetera. Besides, some of them have real nice names like Jim and such. Then there is the photograph that comes with the name: They all look like John Wayne! Now that's when I really get mixed up (and have to call for Harvey for assistance).
    So here's my suggestion: Why not use our real First Names and maybe a photograph of ourselves (would make it even harder on forgery like the one we had to discover), like they do on other boards.
    Nice lynch mob assembling. Hey, this was only a suggestion!

  • itdo,

    we could try and do that but some of us remember whos who by their location like i know you come from swiztland (hope its spelt right) and hondo comes from alabama and chester comes from califorina and chance, robbie come from england and i'm from down under not from the land of the long white cloud (new zealand) but aust. some of us don't have access to ditial cams or scanners for that matter so photos will be hard for some. so all i ask is have a little paitence we will make an impression sooner or later then you will remember us

    cheers smokey

    " its not all black and white, but different shades of grey"

  • itdo,

    Hey, some of us are enjoying this alter-ego thing! B)

    Of course, we only have one.

    And my picture really is me. Not my avatar, obviously, but my profile picture.

    I think people like to be somewhat anonymous (i.e., usernames) to maintain a little bit of distance, kind of a protection against some of the kooks out there. That would be especially so for women, I would think.

    Chester :newyear: (who has no desire to lynch you whatsoever)

  • Roland,

    I somewhat agree with Chester on what he conveyed, and in a way agree with you. I completely trust you and know that you have integrity enough to share more and more personal things with you in terms of a good friend, which I would like to think of you as. I have great frineds on this board like Chester & the Mrs., Smokey, Kevin, Robbie, Chance, dukefan1, baron, Jen, RESAR, stacy, AEC (a.k.a. Amy), arthurarnell, Idaho, JWFan, SXViper, LittleDuke, Araner, Chris Maude, General Sterling Price, Chisum, Viery, and the late BrianB.

    Anyway, what a group of great people, and I didn't even know any of you a year ago. The chat lines are great, and I wish I could go there more ofter. That is the best we can do right now to continue our growth in friendship. I do happen to have a few of your names in memory (real names), and I have been in contact with a few of you with e-mail, and even a phone converstaion with one. I am blessed to know such a group, and love talking about John Wayne, and other related topics. I for one am going to get a picture on the board, mainly for chance for the portrait.

    Have a grand day, and talk to you later.

    Cheers, Mike B)


    "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"

    - John Wayne quote

  • Hey Hondo, thanks for adding me as a friend. It means alot when you can tell who the good people are on a board and they in turn think the same about you :)

    I joined the board in July and at the time didn't use it too much, but found myself lurking. I guess you could say I was getting the "lay of the land". After alittle bit though I found that I had some knowledge to share as well and jump in and began posting. Gets easier everyday.

    About userid's, I use the handle SXViper, on most of the boards I frequent. And just found it easier to use that instead of creating a new one. If any of you are interested it stands for the type of snowmobile I ride. Its a Yamaha SXViper. My other passion is snowmobiling!!!

    So for now I will leave it at that. Again, nice to be involved with a great group of people and look forward to another great year. See Ya!!!!

    Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
    -John Wayne

  • Hi Hondo
    Thanks for the posting, I use my own nameon the site but don't find it a problem. But wether we use our own ames our aliases I agree that you are all a great bunch of people. Since I joined in sptember I have been made to feelwell and truly at home which if anyone is keeping records is Portsmouth England, and I share a macabre date with John Ford and Princess Diana in that they both died on my birthday.



    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • And on behalf of the new members - the ones not posting but definitely lurking:
    If I have a vote in this, don't throw 'em out. I myself am looking on a board every day where people talk about my favorite medium, the 35mm, and I'm only posting once a year. Because I'm not really good enough (to use that Hawks phrase). But it's great to learn from the people with great knowledge.

  • Hi Itdo

    I agree with you to an extent but with people like Hondo and Smokey etc real names dont matter as we know these people pretty well now. Maybe if everyone here simply stated what they would prefer to be called that would be fine.



  • Hey Hondo!

    Thanks for including me as a friend too!
    I haven't been around much lately, but I do love this John Wayne site!


  • stacy, friend,

    Glad to have you back! ;) Don't stay away so long. :rolleyes: We missed you. :unsure:

    Cheers, Hondo B)


    "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"

    - John Wayne quote

  • Well, there's a real long story behind my name. I used to post under a couple differant names in differant places, but I've found that Red Coyote is pretty unique :D One of these days, I might even go into how I picked it out, but for now I'll just say that it's a good name that works for me.

    In regards to the board, I thoroughly enjoy it. I'm a Duke fan (obvioulsy) but not as knowledgeable as some are here. I do stop by as often as I can, but on second shift with a daughter in pre-school it's not as often as I would like. :(

  • Hey Roland

    I agree completely with you now it is difficult to remember who you are talking to as there seems to be so many people on board now with different or similar(as in John T Chances case) character names, I'm not quite sure as to how to address the problem.



  • Nothing special about the name. I picked Hondo Lane for the movie, and I beat out others for Hondo. I always liked the name, and Duke is Duke. So I coined the name for this message board Hondo Duke Lane. When I end a post I most of the time sign off with Hondo, but occasionally use the whole name or my real name.

    Nothing special except that I like to use a name from a John Wayne character. but if you need to know my real name, it's Mike. If you need to know the last name, it's Franklin. Mike is a nickname to Michael my legal name, and I do have a middle name.

    So there is no mystery, I like Hondo, and use it on this site. BTW, when Chester calls me from California, he ask for Hondo (I'm from Alabama). So, there is no story to this. I am a man who wanted to be named in honor of a John Wayne character. It's just something I wanted to call myself while on this board.

    Cheers, Hondo B)


    "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"

    - John Wayne quote

  • Hey Roland + everyone

    Not everybody in this world has motives as genuine as yours. One only need to remember some of the shady characters that have been lurking on this messageboard to remind ourselves that this messageboard can be corrupted if infiltrated by unjust people. I suppose the USA is no different to the UK and that there are many problems relating to the internet/chatrooms/messageboards regarding young children giving out details and then being preyed upon by perverts.

    Over here we have rules to reduce and hopefully erase any such acts they are

    1. Never give your name or telephone number over the Internet
    2. Do not give out your address
    3. Do not supply pictures of yourself

    Now I'm not saying that we should all adhere to these rules as most people on this messageboard will know what is safe and not safe to do. However I would encourage any younger members on this messageboard to obey these few simple rules and to not only obey them here but also on other Internet site remember you can never be sure who you are talking to. Of course I am not saying that there are paedophile members on this messageboard in fact nearly all members are very nice and also very genuine. One should remember however that this messageboard is open to view by anyone, you do not need to be a member to view it, and some people may be viewing it for the sole reason to pick up information that they can use in order to plan their next attack. So my warning to everyone is to be extra careful when giving out personal details.



  • Hi Hondo,
    I'm just getting back into reading the message board again. Thank you like all the others for having me listed as one of your friends. I too am glad to be apart of this website. We are like family and we have so much in common when it comes to John Wayne. When I'm away from here I feel guilty. Back in the summer when I wasn't too busy with the family I could chat quite a bit. Right now we're pretty much busy during the week and the weekends are our down time. I myself can't send pictures or even know how to put one on here. I did try sending pictures to Chance but they weren't that great. For some reason though I can feel close to a man that I never met just by talking to you all about his life and times!


  • Hello All I chose Kilo 6 because I use it for an ID when security isn't a factor, ie I don't use it on financial accounts etc. When I worked as a customs inspector we all used the military alphabet that corresponded to our names followed by the team number. My first name is Murray but there was already a team 6 member whos name started with M so instead of Mike 6 they gave me Kilo 6. I agree with Robbie that people should be careful but its interesting to hear about the life experiences of others. Lastly I have read threads about new members not putting details forward. i don't know how to select that option and would appreciate a heads up on that. so long kilo 6

    Greetings from North of the 49th